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Advanced FEES Course

Date: 13 September 2019

Address: Long Island, New York

All course offerings and information may be accessed here or email

Online Recorded and Self Study Courses Available:
  "Acid Reflux and Dysphagia, What the SLP Should Know"
  "Acid Reflux & Dysphagia - From Office Diagnostics to Food is Medicine, What the SLP Should Know"
  "iPad Technology Tool for Communication and Language" 
  “Cognitive Modifiability & Stuttering"
  “The ISO-CTAR Swallowing Exercise Device for Dysphagia Therapy”
  “The FEES Basic Recorded Course”
  "Using the ISO Swallowing Exercise Device in Dysphagia Therapy"
  "Tracheostomy and Ventilator Dependent Population: Dysphagia"
  "Internal Branch Superior Laryngeal Nerve: Sensory/Swallow Functions"
  "Multi-disciplinary Dysphagia Team for Pressure Ulcer Management"
  "Endoscopic Swallowing Exam for Dysphagia Assessment"
  "The FEESST Exam and the Use of Anesthesia"
  "Tracheostomy Tube use for Adult and Geriatric Patients"
  "FEESST and Aspiration Risk Course"
  "Dementia and Dysphagia Utilizing FEES for Optimal Patient Outcomes"
​  "The Fundamentals of NMES: A Tutorial for Inquiring Minds"
  “Mixed Consistency Dysphagia”
  "Breath Sounds and X-rays: Information for the Dysphagia Clinician"
  "COPD, FEES, and LPRD: Learn About the Burn"
  "Utilization of FEES in the Trach and Vent Population"
  "What Would You Say....FEES Documentation"
  "FEES, Extubation, and LPRD, Edema is Not All the Same"