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Wise Reading™ Remediation Program for Educators

Date: 28 August 2018

Location: Live Interactive Webinar

Address: Live from Ontario

In response to growing demand, Evoke is pleased to offer our WISE READING™ Remediation Program workshop to educators, online, providing efficient, cost-effective program accessibility to professionals across Canada and internationally. 

On Tuesday, August 28th, from 9:30 am to 1 pm, Evoke will present the workshop in a live, interactive, webinar format. The half-day webinar will provide program delivery certification for participants—including classroom and resource teachers, speech-language pathologists, special education teachers and other educators—who are assisting struggling readers in French immersion. Delivered in English, the program is equally applicable to French immersion, dual-track, and English schools.

The WISE READING™ Remediation Program, based on the doctoral research of Nancy Wise and offered by Evoke Learning, delivers phonological and phonemic awareness training for struggling French immersion readers ages 5–7. The 18-week intensive reading remediation program has been successfully tested by Dr. Nancy Wise, with French immersion learners, since 2008. The research included students from diverse language backgrounds. 

The WISE READING™ Remediation Program can be delivered in a withdrawal format or within the classroom, in a small group setting, and while other students are independently working during literacy time. Upon completion of the webinar, participants are certified to deliver the WISE READING™ Remediation Program within their own school. An additional license is available to deliver the program in private practice.

This is an opportunity for educators to receive training before the start of the 2018-19 academic school year!

Evidence-based research highlights that:

·       When English is used for early intervention purposes, struggling readers in French immersion make statistically significant gains in their French and English reading skills

·       It is important to provide at-risk readers in French immersion with early intervention opportunities to increase their opportunities for success in the program and avoid the achievement gap which widens over time

·       Phonological awareness is a critical foundational piece that needs to be systematically and explicitly taught

·       Reading gains from the WISE READING™ Remediation Program have shown to last well beyond the completion of the program and reading improvements are sustained over time

·       Children from varied language backgrounds benefit from supplemental phonological awareness training because phonological awareness is a general, rather than a language-specific, cognitive mechanism which, once established, can generalize to a second or additional language

·       English tests can be used to identify at risk students in French immersion

·       French immersion students who have problems learning to read in French, their second language, would experience the same difficulties with reading acquisition in an English-only program

For additional information about the online webinar, or about hosting your own school or board WISE READING™ Remediation workshop on site or via our live webinar format, please contact Jeanne Martin at

To listen to Nancy Wise talk about the research behind her program, follow this link.

To register for the online webinar, please visit our registration page at

Registration for the online webinar closes on Tuesday, July 17, 2018.