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Information on Private Practice Speech-Language and Hearing Services in Saskatchewan

Communication is an essential tool used by people from birth to death. It allows us to exchange information with others for many reasons. However, 1 in 10 Canadians has a speech, language or hearing problem. For people with communication disorders, the services of a speech-language pathologist or audiologist may help. Audiologists are trained professionals in the study of normal hearing processes and hearing loss. They are specialists in identifying and managing hearing loss and balance disorders. Speech-Language Pathologists are trained professionals in the study of human communication, its development and disorders. They are specialists in assessing and treating speech, language, voice, fluency, cognitive, and other related communication disorders, as well as swallowing difficulties.

Private speech-language or hearing services are available across the province. Licensed professionals who have met the standards for practice in Saskatchewan are available to provide services if:

  • you are unable to access public services* 
  • you want to get started right away 
  • you want more than public services* can offer 
  • you want a second opinion 

* Note: Public services are available through schools, community health facilities, and hospitals.

Private services are offered on a fee for service basis determined by the individual professional. 

The demand for private services in Saskatchewan has risen over the past few years. You may find that some of the professionals listed in our directory are not accepting new clients or are using a waiting list. We encourage you not to give up but to call the next name on the list for your area. There are professionals available to help.

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